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The Meditation Center of Alabama

The transformative power of meditation

Forrest lived a conventional southern life in Mobile, Alabama… until football broke his back, he was confined to his bed, and became addicted to painkillers. As if that wasn’t enough, while bed-bound, Forrest was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. He quickly escalated to taking three doses a day. The combination of pain medication and stimulants trapped him in a constant drug-induced haze which soon became unmanageable.

For the determined, hitting rock-bottom is an opportunity to grow.
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Forrest Neal outside of the Meditation Center of Alabama
Centre for Sustainability PH

It takes a village to save a forest

Some people have meetings over Zoom, others trek for hours into remote rainforests to meet over coffee. KM Reyes does both. The Australian-Filipino woman and five other youth behind Centre for Sustainability PH spent two years going back and forth just to earn the trust of communities living in the forests of northern Palawan island, Philippines. A journey easier said than done.

She’s on a mission to protect the Philippines’ last 3% of primary rainforests.
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KM Reyes portrait in the jungle

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