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We can slow down momentarily and drop into a space that is limitless. In this space, we are the version of ourselves prior to the experiences that shaped us.

The Global Impact Fund

150,000 Children Die Every Year in Pakistan from Drinking Dirty Water.

One child dies every four minutes in Pakistan from drinking dirty water. According to Franklin Wright, a software engineer and founder of Pristine Water, a water company in Pakistan, these deaths are preventable. You don’t need a new drug. You don’t need any research. You don’t need any new technology. All it takes is safe water. The people in Pakistan can’t drink the tap water and have to buy bottled water, but most of the time the bottled water they purchase is contaminated.

Ghana. A Cultural Pact

Inside Ghana: A Cultural Pact

Integrating into Ghana’s community-oriented culture inevitably began to chip away at Clare’s rigid demand to be independent. The American way—work hard and watch out for yourself—is very self-reliant. While, in Ghana, this way of thinking is flipped upside down. It infuriated Clare when Mame, one of the Ghanaian women Clare lived with, would incessantly sweep her porch. Clare interpreted the act as Mame assuming she wasn’t able to do things herself.

The Meditation Center of Alabama

The Transformative Power of Meditation

Forrest Neal, a former football player from Alabama who was dependent on ADHD medication used the practice of meditation to transform his life. In life, hitting rock-bottom can present the opportunity for significant growth. Forrest was unhappy with his situation and began his search for a more concrete solution.

The knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and meditation is universally applicable to all regardless of race, religion, or background.

The Meditation Center of Alabama





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